Long Time Lurker. First Time Posting.

I already have a Facebook.  I utilize Insta to edit my photos.  I tried the Twitter thing. Love Snapchat’s filters.  So, with all of these social media outlets one may wonder why I feel the need to have a website.

It’s because I am tired of lurking.  I want to contribute and not just in the sense of creating “dank memes” or by sharing politically charged articles that I likely didn’t read all the way through.  I want a creative outlet.  This is the medium that will allow me to create, experience, and share.

You might like to lurk too.  Some of us have really perfected that ability to fly under the radar of social networking platforms – sticking to liking pictures, wishing Happy Birthdays, or occasionally checking-in at a concert.

But this minimal interaction footprint you leave is misleading.  Little does your friend list know the amount of time you spend scrolling through updates or clicking through old college albums from 2004.

You are curious.  And that is okay.  I am glad you made it here.  Lurk away.


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