Puzzle Quest: A 2018 Challenge

In 2017 I made a personal goal to read 1 book a month.

I started a little late, but suceeded in working through a variety of 12 books – ranging from non-fiction, personal growth, fiction, and even snuck in a classic.

2018 deserved it’s own, new challenge. And for reasons unknown, I landed on “Puzzle Quest.”

I thought this would be a different type of challenge and one that could include the whole family over a single weekend. I figured completing a puzzle a month would be no problem at all!

Little did I know…

Do you know how time consuming it is to complete a puzzle?!

I don’t think I had ever worked on one that had over 250 pieces – but it was go big or go home and I started off with a 1000 piece selection.

Just separating the “outside pieces” took several hours and by that point I was already very frustrated and surprised with the time commitment.

Over the next few weeks I would hunt and peck at my Thomas Kincade Lighthouse Puzzle. When it was all said and done – I think it took about 36 hours.


But oh the satisfaction!

I started on my February puzzle – a Star Wars theme. And then completed one for March – a holographic Island in the Sky.

Beginning Stages: titled “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid.”

Finished Product

April and May were filled with ups and downs in my personal life – and my 2018 “Puzzle Quest” fell down my list of priorities.

But I still have a few weeks left in June and want to restart up this mission!

I have THREE amazing puzzle options at this time:

  • A group of wild horses running through a forest puzzle (1000 pieces)
  • A single horse stallion that has irregularly shaped pieces puzzle (1000 pieces)
  • An earth goddess puzzle with glitter embedded in the pieces (1000 pieces)

Which puzzle should I work on to complete the June challenge and propel me down my 2018 Puzzle Quest?

I am feeling ambitious and dedicated to the cause, so this weekend I plan on getting started.

I know curious minds need to know – so I will update my progress over these next few weeks!

Let me know which puzzle sounds best!

To be continued…

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