Student Loan Repayment: My Current Strategy is a Trivia App named Givling

Student Loans seriously suck.

It makes me nauseous every month when I have to submit a $760 payment to MyFedLoan.

But I can’t blame this one anyone else other than myself.  I didn’t have a job in college.  I took on the max offered to me on several occasions.  And I initially graduated wanting to work with non-profits which offer historically bad starting wages.

In fact, my first job after graduation was working as a Case Worker for disenfranchised clients, and they paid me $12/hour.  Yikes.  Bartending and shift work was starting to look appealing.

I went back to school to help with my professional development, took out some more loans to help, and eventually graduated with my Masters in Healthcare Administration.  It has opened many more doors for me and helped me secure a job I love – but came at a price.  $760/month.

I can make this payment.  I mean it hurts my bank account, but I can chip away at it for the next 10+ years.  But the crappy thing is, with interest – the original $63k loan ends up costing me $90,000+.  Yuck.

That is where my back-up plan kicks in.  I have googled and searched for innovative ways to try and help reduce this burden, but I usually don’t qualify for any of the other special programming options like teachers and clinical staff can often find.

But my back-up plan is a free Trivia app game.  It’s called Givling and has currently paid off 17 student loans valued at over $830,000.  They have been done in less than 2 years and it is growing so fast!  They pay off up to $50k towards your student loan – and if you don’t have them, they will put it forward as a down payment on a mortgage!

You play two games of trivia today, earn “queue” points,” and hope to have the highest score for a quick payout or climb the leader ladder.  It’s pretty simple – and I usually play and watch the video ads for extra points in between conference calls, on the toliet, or while I am microwaving lunch.  It’s fun and has become a part of my daily routine.

Givling is free to download.


Free to play.

And it gives me a silver lining of hope that if enough of us Student Loan Debtors play a day, we can meet Givling’s goal of fully funding a $50,000 loan a day! 

That sounds insane.

But so is paying $760/month until I am 45.

If this story sounds similar to yours, let’s work together and see what we can knock out and contribute.

Less than 2 minutes a day playing trivia can help impact.

Check out  Givling’s Facebook Page.

Download the app.  If you hate it, delete it.

Most likely you can’t afford to NOT to take a look.

Invite Code to Start:  JF297473 

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